Televerse Studios’ Digital Asset Management solution, AssetCore, provides robust software and architecture at a fraction of its historical cost. This system is the engine that drives our clients efforts to develop new avenues for monetizing their assets. At Televerse Studios, you have a partner with a dedicated team of media experts who can guide you through this fast-changing world.

Digital Asset Management is the future of digital media and our solution is a cost effective, efficient way to maximize digital assets. Using an innovative approach to software and hardware, we have implemented DAM systems at corporations and organizations around the world.

Using data migration matched with our administrative workflow, Televerse Studios maintains, monitors, and integrates these changing technologies behind the scenes seamlessly – making sure your assets are available for years to come.Our technology is just the beginning. Through AssetCore, our proprietary video centric solutions platform, we can help you exploit your digital assets to create new avenues for revenue and generate DAM-based workflows making all your communications more efficient.

What is Digital Assets Management?

Digital Asset Management is a media solution incorporating the digitizing, annotating, cataloging, managing and retrieval of digital assets which can be accessed securely company wide, regardless of location, over the Internet. These assets can include photographs, animations, documents, audio, video and music.  A DAM system allows for the separation of physical media and assets giving you access anywhere/anytime, to limitless duplication without degradation and relational search capabilities that are not possible when assets are bound to physical media.

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