Web Distribution


Distribution and Marketing

Our management team helped pioneer broadband video distribution and has extensive experience in a variety of distribution platforms and business models.  We can help you reach the target audience for your content, develop the most effective marketing strategy and maximize revenues.

They have extensive experience in designing and deploying systems to bring video content not only to computers and mobile devices, but to networks of LED screens, retail and gas station networks and outdoor displays.

Whether it is wired or wireless, home or place-based media, we can get your content to the right audience at the right time in the right place.


Advancements in digital media technology have opened up new distribution opportunities for everyone. In order to take advantage of these opportunities, you need the ability to secure your assets, deliver them to customers and ensure a high quality playback experience on par with DVD or pay-per-view. We provide our clients with the technology to meet those requirements and open up these new distribution options. We can download, transcode and “push” your media to any server utilizing any specific website requirements, all with the highest levels of quality control.

Our hosting services offer a broad range of options from streaming media to web site hosting. Televerse Studios uses only the best hardware with redundant backup and the right software to ensure reliable secure service. We offer 24 hour support and have a proven track record of uptime dependability.