Bob Altman

Executive Producer
President – Handmade TV

Altman is a two time Emmy-award-winning producer with over $125M in production of all genres. He has worked in 30 countries around the world and managed staffs of 300. He served as Producer for Martha Stewart Living and supervising producer of ‘Everyday Food’ for PBS and Martha Stewart Wedding Specials for Style Network.

He produced “The Street” for MCA, a nightly drama strip which Newsweek dubbed, “…the father of guerrilla TV” and “Wish You Were Here” for CBS, a prime time comedy series about a man traveling the world with a camcorder. At Viacom, he trained 300 people in 35 countries to use small cameras and produced programs for Showtime, Nickelodeon and WAM.

He line produced the feature “Lily in Love” with Maggie Smith and Christopher Plummer in Hungary, “This is my Father” with Aidan Quinn, James Caan and John Cusack in Ireland and produced the 6-hour mini-series, “Spearfield’s Daughter” for Metromedia.

Bob has produced comedy and drama series for BBC, Channel Four, The Family Channel and Nickelodeon.  Bob also produced the miniseries “War Child”, shot in Uganda, Sarajevo and Nicaragua hosted by Paul McCartney, Glenn Close, and Aidan Quinn for Hallmark Entertainment.

Recently, Bob conceived and oversees our Handmade TV offering which is advertising supported, on-line original content in the how-to genres of cooking, gardening, auto maintenance, health & beauty, arts & crafts, music, fun & games, and home improvement.